Photo credits to Chelsea Call. Twig Works earrings by Aviva Baumann.

Photo credits to Chelsea Call. Twig Works earrings by Aviva Baumann.


Give your employees an opportunity to relieve stress and unwind by bringing yoga into the workplace! 

Many insurance companies already understand and embrace yoga's therapeutic value that they often subsidize classes and/or discount premiums. Initial costs of such programs are off-set because they are found to statistically reduce employee turnover, promote employee alertness, increase productivity, and improve overall health.

Wellness programs in a workplace environment such as corporate yoga provide employees with an overall sense of well-being and tools to combat stress. On-site yoga can reduce work-associated injuries such as low-back pain and help reduce work loss due to stress and illness. Bringing yoga into your workplace will result in a focused, engaged, happy and motivated employees!

Yoga in a corporate setting has been shown to reduce employees experience of stress and increase ability to manage stress. It has been correlated with improved productivity, efficiency, and communication skills; increases concentration, memory, and decision-making; improved recruitment and retention of high-achieving employees; decreased health care and wellness costs; and improved morale and job satisfaction

Corporate yoga classes can be taught at your place of business in any clean and relatively quiet room in your office such as, a board, presentation, or meeting room. To schedule a class or for any questions please don't hesitate to connect


50-min class: $125 | 2-pack 50-min classes: $100 | 3-pack 50-min classes: $90