– to pursue a course of action or way of life – continue in union.




– a desire to understand the world and one's existence in it.


We believe that what makes you come alive, inspires the world around you. 


This inspiration can create a ripple effect. It has the capacity to be felt on a global level. By allowing yourself to be in the vulnerability of your awakening, you give others the permission to explore their own. This inspiration allows the thread that connects us all to be a bit more visceral. Our question to you is; what makes you come alive? How do you express it to the world? How does it connect you to yourself and to the people you spend your days with. How does it effect your community, your environment, and the world?

Our desire is to heal the world & create global connection by inspiring others to walk in the wonder of their life and the life around them - through travel, documentation, and by sharing unique talents and gifts.


Our Founder

Alyx's bohemian spirit was instilled into her at birth. Being born to two free souls. She experienced the nomadic lifestyle at age one from the view of her parents vw bus while they explored the southwest. Learning to take her first steps on the slick rock of Zion, to finding the depth of the sedimentary rock in the Grand Canyon, and coming of age in the dense forest at the base of Mount Rainer.

Alyx is honored to use yoga as a way to connect and communicate with others. She is trained and certified in many different styles of yoga including Prana Vinyasa, Power, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. She is certified through Yoga Alliance (E-YRT) and has conducted instructor trainings, and workshops in Southern California. Some of Alyx's favorite teachers she has studied under are; Seane Corn, Michael Fukumura, Danny Arguetty, Ryan Krupa, Katie Brauer, Mark Whitwell, and Surya Little. Alyx completed her 500 hour teacher training in Prana Vinyasa with Shawn Parrell in Santa Fe in the spring of 2017. Alyx is also certified in traditional mat pilates through Rebel Pilates in Santa Fe and currently completing her reformer certification.

By taking her favorite aspects of each style of yoga, with pilates awareness, Alyx has been able to create an expression that is completely unique. In addition to yoga instruction, she is also a Reiki Master and has conducted Reiki Retreats and Certifications. As an instructor Alyx is passionate about creating an open, encouraging, and fun environment for her students. Her classes are creatively sequenced to successfully guide students as they explore the depth of their practice and strengthen their mind, body and spirit. When Alyx's students step off of their yoga mat, her intention is that they feel empowered by their own inner wisdom, strength, and voice.



We are always of the world, in the world. Put something of you in it”

–  John Francis, Planet Walker