Reiki is a form of natural healing dating back to before Egyptian times. It was revived in Japan during modern times and given the name "reiki", which means universal life energy. 


Reiki is different than massage. Rather than undressing during a session and kneading muscles, reiki practitioners are trained to funnel healing energy through their hands to specific places on the human body that restore the body's energy system so healing can take place. Reiki has been used by people recovering from surgery, as well as those experiencing chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress. Reiki closely resembles acupressure because during a session, subtle touch is applied to areas that align with the energy pathways or meridians of the body.

Some hospitals use reiki to help patients with pain management and improve recovery from surgery and illnesses. For some, a reiki session can be a sipritual experience, enhancing the mind/body/soul connection.

Reiki appointments are scheduled at the Temple and Tribe massage room. To schedule a session or for any questions please don't hesitate to connect.

60-min session: $80 | 3-pack of 60-min sessions: $225